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Come in and visit us at our new location in Cochrane. Located in the downtown shopping area of Cochrane. Join us for lunch or dinner and enjoy fresh homemade food with beautiful decor. Our handmade pizzas and fresh pasta are sure to please. Looking for a venue to hold a small party? Contact us to book the restaraunt for special events.

We are Now Open on Sundays from 12 - 4 pm!

Cheese wasn't added to pizza until the late 1800s.

Early versions of pizza included no cheese or tomatoes. In 1889, Italian pizza chef Raffaele Esposito added cheese to a pizza specially made for Queen Margherita. The resulting masterpiece, known today as the Margherita pizza, contained cheese, basil, and tomato sauce-all ingredients chosen to represent the colors of the Italian flag. In America, the first pizzas were known as tomato pies.

We are located at:

Our new restaraunt in Cochrane
111-2nd Avenue West 
Cochrane, Alberta 
Tuesday - Thursday 11 am - 7 pm
Friday and Saturday 11am - 9 pm
Sunday 12 - 4 pm
Phone: 587-362-2953

Summer Farmers Markets (June - October)
Tuesdays - Northland Village
Wednesdays - Airdrie
Saturdays - Millarville Market
Sundays - Bearspaw

Pizza was first made by the Greeks.

Contrary to popular belief, the first actual pizza was made by Greeks who used to bake large, round, flat breads and top them with olive oil, spices, potatoes and other vegetables. The first commercial pizza was developed in Italy in the 18th century, where they were commonly sold in markets and on street corners. The world's first pizzeria opened in Naples, Italy.

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